Kelowna Air Quality, Mold, Asbestos & Allergen Testing

As trained and certified members of the RespireCare International Inspection and EMP&G Labs,
Step Above Inspection is fully qualified to test and sample your home for:

 Molds & Growths    |    Air Quality   |      Allergens & Irritants     |    Asbestos   

Mold & Organic Growths

Certified mold inspections will test for Allergenic, Pathogenic or Toxigenic molds as well as detect high concentrations of mold not easily visible.

If there are traces, odours or visible signs of mold, it is imperative to have your home tested and start a plan for remediation.

Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ) can be completed at any residential or commercial property and will reveal any contaminants that may be harmful to your health.

Our certified inspectors can perform air quality testing and provide you with detailed lab reports outlining any potential hazards.

Allergens & Irritants

Excessive levels of dust and particulates in your home or office can cause irritations and allergic reactions. Our indoor air quality testing can reveal higher than normal levels of harmful allergens possibly causing discomfort to you and your family. Contact our team today to breathe well.


Asbestos is a potentially hazardous material often found in homes built before 1990 and commonly found in insulation, linoleum, floor tiles, drywall taping and vermiculite. The experts at Step Above Inspections can determine if your home has asbestos and advise proper steps for professional removal.

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