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Kelowna WETT Inspections

Step Above Inspections is certified to provide you with a full WETT Inspection of your wood burning appliances. Our assessments include visual overview to ensure your appliances meet current regulations and recommendations for repair.

What is a WETT Inspection?

A Wood Energy Technology Transfer inspection, or WETT Inspection, includes a very thorough assessment of wood burning appliances and fireplaces. If you have a wood burning appliance or fireplace in your home or in your potential new home, your insurance company may require you to have a WETT inspection completed. At Step Above Inspections, we are WETT certified and can provide detailed reports to you and your insurance company.

WETT Fireplace Inspection

WETT Inspection Cost

1 Appliance

  • with Full Home Inspection

2nd Appliance

  • with Full Home Inspection

1 Appliance*

  • *without Home Inspection
WETT Inspection Woodstove

Do I need a WETT Inspection?

If you are buying a home with a wood-burning fireplace, wood stove, flue pipe or chimney, a WETT inspection is a absolute necessity. Not only will a WETT Inspection provide you with piece of mind, but will also ensure your wood-burning appliances meet regulations for your insurance company. We will inspect the installation, appliance, structure, positioning, and ventilation and provide you with a thorough, detailed report.

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