How to Choose a Home Inspector

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A home inspection may be the most important aspect when buying a new home. Finding the right home inspector is crucial to ensuring the property you are buying is has no costly, hidden deficiencies.

Home Inspection companies range from national chains to independent businesses and every company has different certifications, reporting, policies, and costs. So how do you find the right Home Inspector?

There are a few important factors to consider when hiring your Home Inspector.

Certifications, Licensing & Insurance

This may seem obvious, but asking a potential Home Inspector about their certifications, licensing and insurance may uncover some unsettling news. Qualifications range from the most basic association membership with no Home Inspection training to advanced government regulated training, examinations, and review.

All Home Inspectors in BC are required to be licensed through Consumer Protection BC and every Home Inspector should be able to provide you with their license number without delay. Every tradesperson and inspector on your property should have adequate insurance to ensure the Inspector, you and your home are protected during the inspection process.

At Step Above, we are proud to achieve the highest level of training and certifications available in British Columbia.


Along with advanced certifications, experience in not only Home Inspections, but the construction industry is a huge asset. The more experienced a Home Inspector is, the more he or she may be able to assess when inspecting your home.

Be sure to ask how long your Inspector has been in business and if any experience in related industries. As well, ask how many inspections they have completed and ensure they are a Home Inspector full time and it is not a part-time gig.

Reputation & Reviews

A referral or asking for references of past clients is always great. But now with Google, Facebook, Yelp and Homestars, you can also confirm those references with reviews. Numerous negative reviews or comments, or a company with no reviews would be a red flag for that Inspector and it is recommended to keep looking for the right Inspector for your home.


The inspection tools available today are far more advanced than even 5 years ago. The use of infrared cameras, digital testing equipment, mobile device inspection report data tools, digital gas meters, and moisture reading technology make for a far more comprehensive inspection experience.

The photography and imaging used during an inspection provide clear evidence of not-so-easy to see places. At Step Above, we use aerial drones along with high definition, zoomable and 360-degree images throughout your inspection and available in your report.


With the technological advances in the inspection industry comes advanced reporting that is easy to view and versatile. Our reports include digital high-quality photos and video evidence, audio, 360-degree camera technology, zoomable imagery, infrared camera imagery, detailed diagrams with comments and highlights.

Needing to do some upgrades on your house? Your report can be broken out into specific sections to send to a roofer, electrician or any trade you need. Say goodbye to carbon copy booklets!

A Few More Pointers

Take it all in: There are over 8 major Home Inspection categories we cover, taking usually 3-4 hours. This is a lot of information for a potential homeowner to review before buying a home. If possible, it is recommended that you attend the full duration of the inspection to gain the most knowledge about a property. At a minimum, we recommend you meet your inspector after the inspection to review the summary of findings and recommendations.

Cost: Most Home Inspectors in the Okanagan area have similar price points and should be willing to disclose their costs before booking their services. Be cautious of any company that seems to be significantly undercharging and ensure you are working with a qualified Inspector.

Transparent Process: There are no secrets before, during or after your home inspection. After all, it is your home. The information contained in the Home inspection is expressly for you, the client, and will not be given out to any 3rd parties unless consent is given. Ask as many questions as you need to find the right Inspector and to feel comfortable during the inspection.

Contact Step Above Inspections to discuss our training, certifications, processes, and technologies. We’re happy to walk you through a proper Home Inspection